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You can count on Custom Bathroom Renovations Northampton to work with you to design a space that is personalised to your tastes and lifestyle, whether you’re wanting to renovate your bathroom, ensuite, powder room, or laundry. Our organisation has over 30 years of considerable experience in waterproofing, and we only utilise top-notch licenced tradespeople. Some of Northampton’s best and most efficient bathroom makeovers result from the combination of this assured high-quality work with high-quality bathroom fittings from one of our many reputable and trusted suppliers.

Bathroom Renovations

In order to complete a bathroom makeover in Northampton, there are numerous tasks that must be performed, as we are aware at A&ES Bathroom Renovations Northampton. As a result, you can count on our knowledgeable staff to offer you a variety of services, such as:

  • Design
  • Demolition
  • Waterproofing
  • Draining
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical
  • Ventilation
  • Tile work and painting
  • Heating
  • Installation
  • Garbage Removal
  • Cleaning (Upon Completion)
bathroom renovation


One of the most common home improvement tasks in Northampton is remodelling a modern bathroom. A&ES creates top-notch custom bathrooms for any price range. Remodeling your bathroom can increase the value of your house, make it more beautiful and useful, and enhance your quality of life. We can provide you with remodelling advice and bathroom layout design using our industry experience, enabling you to turn your basic bathroom or current bathroom into a stunning contemporary bathroom that incorporates modern bathroom design and high-quality products.

Frequently Asked Questions

A major undertaking might be bathroom remodelling. It involves some time and money investment, but the changes it makes to a crucial space in your home are substantial. Given this, it becomes sense to pause before beginning a bathroom redesign and question if you really should be doing so.

Examining the areas that a bathroom redesign could influence and deciding whether or not their current state warrants upgrading will help you find the answer to this FAQ. For instance, some parts of the room can be aesthetically and functionally outdated.

Bathroom ageing indicators

Consider the plumbing in your bathroom. Over time, pipes may start to deteriorate, which could cause water leaks, limit the usage of certain appliances, and result in poorer water quality. Therefore, if you experience these plumbing issues in your bathroom, it may be time to remodel the space and replace the pipes, keeping in mind that pipes in other rooms of your house may also need to be replaced.

Water fittings can deteriorate as well, at least in terms of efficiency, just like bathroom plumbing. Older showers and faucets don’t always work as well as newer models or how they did in the past. Therefore, upgrading such fixtures during your subsequent bathroom redesign can also result in a reduction in your utility costs.

Bathroom tiles are another component that frequently demonstrates ageing, sometimes to the damage of the aesthetics and security of your bathroom. Tiles that are chipped, damaged, or otherwise worn can compromise interior decor and pose a tripping risk.

Similar issues can arise with walls as time progresses. A room that should be a source of relaxation can feel drab due to paint scuffs or peeling wallpaper. The walls of your bathroom could also develop mildew as a result of this damage, which would make them appear ugly and make you concerned about their safety.

Additional justifications for remodelling

In addition to the bathroom’s deteriorating condition, there are certain places that might warrant remodelling. A general example would be interior design. Remodeling the space might make up for the fact that you believe your bathroom does not reflect your aesthetic preferences.

If the storage in your bathroom falls short of your expectations, a makeover can also take care of that. A home renovation project could increase storage space in a variety of ways. For instance, moving a wall could expand the area, and modernising the cabinetry could make the space you do have more functional.

Concerned about cabinets? You should then check out How to Choose Kitchen and Bathroom Cabinets.

Of course, remodelling isn’t the only option to increase the storage in your bathroom. You may maximise your bathroom storage in a variety of ways by making minor interior design changes. Additionally, not all of the topics we covered might necessitate a bathroom makeover on their own.

You’ll need a serious remedy if any one of these variables, or any combination of them, causes you significant difficulty. Such a remedy might be yours in the form of a bathroom remodel.

Call us or visit one of our Kitchen & Bath Design Centers in the Northampton region to learn more about how a bathroom makeover can be the best option for your house.

A bathroom redesign can need a lot of laborious work, work that may include several distinctive and particular jobs. For maximum effectiveness and to avoid issues caused, say, by current activities interfering with previously performed chores, it is best to complete these jobs in a particular order. And the response to this FAQ is in that sequence.

We’re ready to look more closely at the phases-by-phases process of remodelling a bathroom. Let’s first, though, keep in mind that everything here is fairly nebulous. While bathroom remodels often go in a certain order, this order can be changed to better suit the needs of a particular project.

Here is a general description of the bathroom remodelling procedure.

First phase: laying the groundwork

Planning is the first stage in a bathroom redesign because it helps you to carry out each subsequent step successfully. You should establish your remodelling goals as you plan. You can get a lot of assistance with this step from our qualified designers. They can assess how you utilise your space and give recommendations for objectives that will guarantee that your new space suits your preferences and way of life.

Speaking of preferences, now is the time to think about bathroom design. While certain aesthetic judgments should probably be made now, others can, and perhaps even should, be made later. For instance, choosing paint colours for a new paint job is a terrific time, but you might want to wait to choose a new light switch plate until you have seen those colours painted on the walls.

Through our Personalized Design expertise, we can guide you through the many design choices made at this step. The phases after that are also ones in which we may help.

Stage-setting in phase two

We’ve established the foundation; now it’s time to sweep the floor.

Anything in your bathroom that you want to replace as well as anything that might get in the way of future remodelling work will be taken out by our staff. Before we get to the phase of “in with the new,” you can think of this step as the “out with the old” phase. Some of the “old” can be salvaged whole and, if it’s in good shape, can either be used in your bathroom again or sold for another purpose.

For instance, vanities can frequently be moved without causing any harm. On the other hand, tiles that have been mortared in place would need a stronger hand to pry them off the shower wall or bathroom floor.

So that nothing is taken away that should have remained and vice versa, vigilance is required at all times during this phase. You can be confident that this portion of remodelling your bathroom will be done effectively because we have the skills and training to be sufficiently careful.

The waterworks of the third stage

After setting the scene, we may talk about the bathroom’s main water-related components. If old pipes need to be replaced, now is the time to do it. You should also consider replacing or moving any bathroom appliances.

As you might have anticipated, in order to expose the piping, this stage of bathroom remodelling will require some work on the walls and, possibly, the floor. Any resulting surface rips will be repaired during the following stage.

Fourth stage: creating the environment

At this stage, we will repair any ripped surfaces and finish them with your choice of wallpaper, paint, tile, or flooring. Or even both; a tile backsplash looks stunning next to a recently painted or wallpapered wall.

Even if the walls and floor weren’t touched during phase three, our crew can redo them. Whatever the initial state of those objects may be, we may update them to give your bathroom a whole new look.

Another option for changing the appearance of the room is lighting. It’s simple to customise the lighting in your bathroom because there are so many different light sources, colours, and forms available. In a subsequent FAQ, we’ll go further into bathroom illumination.

The fundamental elements that define the aesthetic mood in the bathroom are changes to the lighting, floors, and walls, as we have already discussed. In the following stage, we will assist you in making any necessary adjustments to the interior design.

Check out the 6 Ways to Add Personality to Your Bathroom for additional details on creating the right ambiance and setting the tone in your bathroom.

Phase five: Final details

The baseboards, door trim, faucet, and vanity will all be installed as we complete a bathroom redesign. Do you have any tips for the vanity? The 4 Steps to Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity are worth a look. We’ll also look for nicks and chips in freshly painted surfaces. After touching up those spots, we’ll complete the design by adding bathroom accessories like towel racks and shelving.

Then we’ll let you enjoy your new bathroom on your own.


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