House Extensions

Extensions are a fantastic way to add value to your property and utilize the space you already have.

At A&ES Britain we pride ourselves on the quality of the extensions we build and the vast selection of internal finishes we provide.

All work is guaranteed and completed to the highest standards. As well as building your extension we are also able help with planning, architectural and structural engineering services.

We work closely with local authority building inspectors to ensure your extension complies with all relevant building regulations.

What can I anticipate from the process of house extension?

Essentially, you can rely on us for guidance and experience throughout the entirety of the procedure. From the first meeting to initiate initial planning through design, costings, contracts, construction, handover, and maintenance, we will handle everything so you don’t have to. People frequently inform us that our quality of service is unparalleled and difficult to find elsewhere.

Because we want you to feel included, consulted, and heard, we are also committed to the greatest standards of communication and transparency throughout the process.

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Elegant home extensions constructed in Northampton

Move outwards rather than outwards. If you have outgrown your home, you can expand it. It is now easier than ever to construct a beautiful kitchen extension, a fully-equipped home gym, an orangery leisure room, or an open-plan entertaining space for family meals and parties. If you combine this with a renovation of the remainder of your home, you may live somewhere entirely new without having to relocate.

Home extensions business in Northampton

We are a Design & Build firm located in Northampton that specialises in Rear, Side, and Wrap Around expansions. Our entire, individualised service covers planning, design, and finishing. We can fulfil any home extension needs in Northampton.

Frequently Asked Questions

Keep these things in mind while building a ground-floor extension to your Northampton house:

  • Budget: At the beginning of the project, go over this in great detail with your designer.
  • natural elements including the slope, direction, and presence of trees
    • On slightly sloping soil, an extension can be constructed with a ground floor. On the other side, a two-story extension can be appropriate for property that is somewhat sloped.
    • For instance, a south-facing rear extension might need to be one storey to allow sufficient of light from skylights to enter the entire structure.
    • Depending on where trees are located on your land or on the property next door, a ground floor extension may be permitted or not.
  • Requirements of the building code and council regulations: The Council should take into account landscape space, setbacks from side boundaries, and not going above the maximum floor size of the residence while deciding how to expand. It’s frequently a smart idea to expand on to the first floor if your property contains a lot of paved areas, such as roads, Brisbane glass pool fences, and other things.
  • Shadows: First-floor extensions must be planned with the shadows of the new structure in mind. The neighbouring properties must receive adequate daylight. The rules governing this are very stringent.

Remember that the council will want to ensure that the privacy of your neighbours is respected if you plan to build a first-floor deck as part of an extension. Similar to that, your extension should be constructed so that it retains your privacy from nearby homes.

During the extension, see whether you need to make any adjustments to your own house insurance. Legislation: A licenced builder is required to present the required insurance before beginning work.

Find the top builders in your area as the first step toward your dream remodel, extension, or new building. But with so many local builders to select from, how can you sort the wheat from the chaff?

We’ll examine four crucial aspects to take into account when seeking for the top regional builders.

1. Are they close to you in distance?

Finding out whether there are any builders in your neighbourhood should be your first step. When they are genuinely located elsewhere, some builders will pose as local businesses.

Builders frequently have several websites, each targeted at a distinct market, and then outsource the job to a local company. The local builder you eventually locate might not be the one you were hoping for.

If the builders claim to be nearby, look for a local phone number and address.

2. understanding of the topic

Employing somebody with similar experience is a good idea when it comes to something as significant as your property. You want that experience to feel as familiar as possible. A true test of quality and service is working at the same place for years, if not decades.

If builders have a lot of experience close by, they will have a greater understanding of area properties. Since many nearby homes were constructed around the same period as yours, they frequently share the same construction, design, and building materials, which will provide contractors a better place to start when working on your house.

Builders who operate in their neighbourhood will be familiar with all of the top regional vendors. They will be able to get the greatest supplies for a fair price as a result, and you will benefit from that. On the other hand, if a builder only has experience in other regions, it begs the question of why they are travelling around so much and needing to travel farther to acquire clients.

3. Credentials

Like any contractor, you want your local builders to have credentials to support their training and knowledge.

4. Local opinions

That beautifully brings us to our third point, which is reviews. As they say, the pudding is only as good as its consumption. The homeowners whose homes a local builder has been constructing are the best people to inform you about their work.

Before hiring a local builder, look up reviews of them on websites like Facebook and Google to see what past and present clients have to say about their work and to identify any potential issues.


With years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us with peace of mind.

We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge, and low prices to provide you the best possible service.

We have the experience, personel, and resources to make sure everything is of the highest quality.

We ensure that every step along the way is pleasant and to be there with you until everything is perfectly in place.

We stay on time and on budget.

We focus on pure customer satisfaction.

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