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Don’t move out build up! The sky’s the limit with our loft conversion team.

We can help you with everything from concept to completion. Our team has successfully completed many conversions for happy clients so far.

Following an initial consultation with our in house surveyor, you will be advised on the best options for your conversion.

Once planning permission is granted we can get to work on constructing a new space within your existing home.

Suitable Attic Spaces

Imagine having a brand-new living room or bedroom right there in the house you adore without having to spend money adding a whole new floor! You never imagined it was feasible, but A&ES is a master at design and construction and provides a habitable attic.

By converting your attic, you can add comfortable living and entertaining areas to your current house. Our Velux or dormer windows, many of which follow the roof line, ensure that as much natural light as possible is let in. The attic is transformed into a truly chic space that will impress your family and guests. Homeowners often wish for an extra bedroom for a variety of reasons. To explore a workable and inexpensive option, get in touch with us right now.

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Extra Large Storage

Too many homeowners squander valuable living space on keeping things that are barely ever used, while the abandoned attic sits empty and collects dust from years of neglect. They are unaware that there is a storage option literally directly above their heads. A&ES turns your gloomy, dark attic into a spotless, light storage area for all of your unnecessary home belongings.

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum height needed for a loft conversion to be an option is 2.2 metres, measured from the ground to the peak of your loft. If you have less space, you can still convert, but it will typically require lowering the ceilings on your first level.

The scale of the project, the features you want, and other factors all have a big role in the price. We’ll work with you to make the most of your area on a tight budget. Our quotes provide you complete control over your budget because they are fully itemised and fixed. If we save money on a product, we can pass the savings along to you. Our price includes every step, from conception to conclusion.

Depending on the scope of the project, our conversion process normally lasts 6 to 8 weeks. We will be able to provide you with a more precise timeframe once we come out and see you.

The Nationwide Building Society’s most recent study demonstrates that a loft conversion can raise the value of your house by up to 20%!


With years of experience and a real focus on customer satisfaction, you can rely on us with peace of mind.

We combine quality workmanship, superior knowledge, and low prices to provide you the best possible service.

We have the experience, personel, and resources to make sure everything is of the highest quality.

We ensure that every step along the way is pleasant and to be there with you until everything is perfectly in place.

We stay on time and on budget.

We focus on pure customer satisfaction.

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